About WRMA

The Weather Risk Management Association (WRMA) is trade association representing the global market of weather risk management professionals. WRMA is dedicated to promoting the weather risk management industry to provides and end users. WRMA members represent all sides of the weather market including insurance and reinsurance providers, brokers, end users, data providers and exchanges.

Since its inception in 1999, WRMA has made major contributions to the development of the weather risk market in the areas of:


  • Formation of ISDA confirmation templates for the most common weather transactions
  • Development of standardized fallback protocols
  • Establishment of template margining procedures

Market Expansion

  • Globalization of WRMA to include organizations in Japan and Europe
  • Broadening the market’s commercial scope with outreach to related sectors, including finance, agriculture, energy and trading
  • Cooperation with government efforts to introduce weather risk management into national regulatory frameworks

Access Enhancement

  • Education of markets through conference activity
  • Monitoring of regulatory activity and issues critical to the market
  • Reduction of government obstacles to weather data access
  • Improvement of data reporting and quality standards with the support of NOAA and the NWS

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