Careers in Weather Risk Management

WRMA supports career planning by listing weather risk related opportunities including full time positions and internships as well potential candidates on this website.

Position Posting Guidelines

WRMA members may post opportunities at no cost. Non-members may list employment position openings on this site for a small fee. Listings should include a job description, qualifications required and where inquiries should be directed. If resumes will be accepted via e-mail, please include the e-mail address. A hyperlink to forward e-mail will be established. Further, if the company has a member profile available on, a link will be included so that interested applicants may learn more about the organization.

Note: Position openings will remain posted until WRMA is notified the position has been filled. Please contact the account manager at the phone number or email address provided below.

  • Free to WRMA Members
  • 250 USD (nonmembers)

“Available Positions” Listings

To list a job opening, contact David Bernstein, WRMA Member Services at +1-202-207-1120 or

Please include the following info:

Position Title:
Hyperlink for more information:
Contact Person:

“Available Candidates” Guidelines

Individuals wishing to inform WRMA members of their availability for employment may list a notice of their interest/availability by contacting David Bernstein, WRMA Member Services at +1-202-207-1120 or

Candidate listings are limited to 200 words which summarize qualifications, experience and geographic preferences. Include a contact number (phone, fax or e-mail). Anonymous listings are available.

Cost of Candidate listings: Complimentary (restricted to individuals in the weather risk management field).

Available candidate listings will be deleted 180 days after their posting date unless an earlier deletion date is specified or we are contacted to request extension or early deletion.