David Whitehead

Vice President
Co-CEO, Speedwell Group

David holds a BS in Meteorology from Cornell University and a Masters Degree in Applied Meteorology from Florida State where he researched hurricane vulnerability. David joined Speedwell in 2007 and has been involved in the development of all aspects of Speedwell’s services ranging from sourcing global high quality meteorological data, developing Speedwell’s Settlement Data business, to managing and growing Speedwell’s North American office.  In 2015 David was promoted to Co-CEO of Speedwell.  Since that time David has focused on launching three new Speedwell companies, weatherXchange®, a free-of-charge platform which facilitates parametric weather risk transfer, Speedwell Settlement Services (SSS), specializing in quality controlled meteorological data for the settlement of parametric weather risk and Speedwell Calculation Services (SCS), providing contract valuation, risk metrics, and margining services for weather transactions.

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