Speedwell Weather expands commodity weather risk data product

(January 30, 2015) Speedwell Weather, a provider of weather data, forecasts, analytics, software and consultancy to the weather risk management and derivatives market, has expanded its Speedwell Commodity Product to enhance the granularity of data available. The Commodity Product is used to inform anyone for who visibility of weather forecast and historical data is important in commodities, enabling better weather risk management and risk transfer decisions to be made. Read more.

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CustomWeather Statistical Forecasting (MOS) Geoff Flint, Founder & CEO, CustomWeather, Inc.

Economists believe that 70% of the U.S. economy is vulnerable to abnormal weather patterns. Weather derivatives allow businesses sensitive to the changes in weather to protect themselves against fluctuations in costs and sales linked to variations in weather. Read more.

MDA EarthSat Weather Expands their Dynacast 2.0 Product to Include Hub-Height Wind Data

Gaithersburg, MD—(June 19, 2012) MDA EarthSat Weather recently expanded upon their already popular Dynacast 2.0 interactive analog mapping tool to include a series of wind and data sets. Within these new enhancements, users will now have access to a variety of hub-height wind data
sets which are comprised of the following features:
– The capability to map anomalies of 80 meter wind speed averaged over selected dates in a set of years.
– A full North American data set for daily hub height winds that extends back to 1950
– 80 meter winds are derived from the Climate Forecast System Reanalysis, and are tuned for best agreement with wind generation data from ERCOT and MISO
– Dynacast 2.0 allows the user to analyze 80 m wind speed anomalies associated with global climate variability modes like El Niño and the North Atlantic Oscillation

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