Promotion and Events Application

Sales promotions and events can be affected by the weather both positively and negatively. Weather can keep people away from your store or event or it can cause an increase in attendance and revenue. Weather dictates what goods or merchandise customers will purchase. Weather also determines if people want to attend an outdoor event. With the use of a weather risk management product, you can reduce or eliminate weather’s effect on your bottom line. MSIGW Events and Promotions read more.


Weather risk for golf clubs

Golf course owners now have a new way to safeguard their revenues against bad weather and course closure with Raincheque, an innovative income protection scheme costing as little as £21 a week. With Raincheque, courses pay an annual premium – starting from just £1,100 – and could recover up to £100,000 of lost revenue depending on the level of cover taken. 

And unlike insurance policies, because Raincheque uses a weather risk management model there is no need to prove loss of revenue: guaranteed payouts occur based on pre-set levels of rainfall at specific UK locations. 

The annual premium guarantees a payout for up to 20 days of income lost from adverse weather conditions. Raincheque is offered to clubs by PPJ Golf Services Ltd and OTL (UK), who work in partnership with Coriolis Capital Limited a London based weather risk management specialist. For 13 years, Coriolis have helped companies around the world to reduce their risk associated with adverse weather conditions. They are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are members of the Weather Risk Management Association.  Read more.